I love how B-Hazz goes for his on this song!

Recently, B-Hazz released his debut album titled “Far From Average.” What you get on it are tons of club-ready anthems and trap-soul gems. One of the lead singles off of “Far From Average” is “One Day (G.O.A.T.)” — a trill, yet melodic track that has Hazz letting the world know that the music throne will eventually be his.

Honestly, “One Day (G.O.A.T.)” is way too catchy to dislike. For starters, the track features this bass-heavy instrumental that does a good job of feeding off of cold ass trap vibes that dudes in the bando would gush over. Over this instrumental, B-Hazz lets loose, gifting us with a vocal performance that is melodic and infectious, and lyrics that are humbling and assertive. When you combine every aspect I just mentioned together, what you end up with is a memorable gem that I guarantee will motivate you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Check out “One Day (G.O.A.T.)” at the top of the page! Also, listen to “Far From Average” HERE!