AR Base continues to gift us with gospel music that is beyond powerful!

When it comes to gospel music, AR Base is my plug! Not only do I love the passion that he sings with, but I also love the messages he delivers in his songs, too. With that being said, “Not Forgotten,” AR Base’s latest single, is one of his most enthralling to-date, as it features tons of motivational lyrics, chilling vocal performances, and vibes that are both pure and sunny.

I truly let “Not Forgotten” come for my life. For starters, both AR Base and featured guest Tallie Rogers’ words about GOD’s forgiving ways on it touched my soul quite a bit. I also felt the passionate singing both AR and Tallie gave us from start to finish, as every single sentiment they delivered was met with vocal performances that were nothing less than chilling (Tallie Rogers’ ability to completely let loose vocally is astonishing).

If you are in need of refreshing music that can purify your soul, “Not Forgotten” is the song you need to listen to!