YG caught a bigger pass than Randy Moss.

Baelani got a bit rocky two weeks ago after video of YG kissing on some random chick hit the net. While there were so many people that had an opinion on the scandalous episode, for the most part, Kehlani stayed silent… Until now.

In “You Know Wassup,” Kehlani vents directly at YG, asking why she isn’t good enough for him, why she doesn’t get flowers from him on a daily basis, and why he goes MIA at times. ‘Lani also lets YG know that she isn’t going anywhere, as she is looking forward to being his wife in due time:

And I’ll still tell the world I’m in love with you
Cause I ain’t ashamed of shit
Got your name tatted on my wrist
Any bitch got a bone to pick and knows phone to hit
Cause I’m still with all the actions and all that shit
You’re still my love, you’re still my heart, that’s still my date
Still wanna be Mrs. Jackson

I love how emotional this song is, but also how sly it is, too. It’s almost like Kehlani is brushing debris off of her shoulders like that s**t is nothing.

If Kehlani and YG want to keep this relationship going, serious work will have to be done by the both of them (Especially YG).