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Lane Allen & $teve Cannon Stunt In Their “New Whip”


Lane Allen & $teve Cannon have a hit with “New Whip.”

Lane Allen is a young rapper from Lexington, Kentucky that is on the rise like the bread in your oven. In “New Whip,” his latest release, Lane and featured guest $teve Cannon talk about a different kind of bread (aka money), gifting us with something that is amped-up and club-ready in the process.

There are a bunch of things to love about “New Whip.” For starters, you’ll enjoy the trill ass instrumental that powers the song. From there, I think you will f**k with the catchy hook that Lane Allen lays down for us, the braggadocios/reckless/flossy ass lyrics you get from both Lane and $teve on their respective verses, and overall, how both rappers spit with a style that is unapologetic and animated. When you combine everything I just mentioned together, what you end up getting is a hit that ballers worldwide will definitely f**k with.

If you aren’t hip to Lane Allen, get hip, folks! (Lane, stay out of trouble, young king!)





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