“Doin Fine” is action-packed!

If you love music that is organic, you’re going to love the music BlueWoods makes! Not only is he a versatile artist (He’s well-versed in genres such as jazz, pop, R&B, rock and blues), but he also has a spirit to him that is highly-infectious. With that being said, Doin Fine, BlueWood’s latest song, is one of his most spirited to-date!

Doin Fine is the definition of a dynamic jazz song. From the moment you press play on it, you are blessed with amazing saxophone solos, vocal performances that are both melodic and passionate, and empowering lyrics that prove that it’s possible to move on from a bad breakup. While those who listen to the song may prefer to hear it in the calmest of settings, in my opinion, I think it can shine in party and clubs settings, too.

After listening to Doin Fine, you will feel replenished!