That Kid Roy Strives For Greatness In “Vision”

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I f**k with That Kid Roy’s energy!

Whenever I listen to a rap song, the one thing I try to pay attention to is how hungry/determined the person rapping on the song sounds. With that being said, on every single song I’ve heard by That Kid Roy, he sounds hungry as s**t!

Vision, That Kid Roy’s latest single, is powered by this hard-hitting instrumental that has tons of emotional vibes attached to it. Over this instrumental, That Kid Roy spits bars about his love for music-making, the things that drive him to be great today, and how he plans to stay humble on his way to success. What I love most about Roy’s performance on this song is that he sounds as pure as it gets on it (His lyrics seem honest, his flows sound organic, and not a single sentiment of his feels forced)

If you are an aspiring rapper that wants to be great, you may want to listen to the s**t that That Kid Roy is saying on this song!




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