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Lil Baby Has “Sum 2 Prove” With New Single

Lil Baby has been on some grown man s**t as of late.

Lil Baby is prepping to release his new album titled My Turn really soon. On it, I expect nothing but bangers, bangers, and more bangers! With that being said, Baby decided to release a new single off of the upcoming project titled Sum 2 Prove today.

Sum 2 Prove is riveting as s**t! With the song being powered by this emotional trap instrumental, Lil Baby hurls out bars about making big money, being mad paranoid, and turning concerts out:

Know this money bring envy, you prolly won’t be me
But bro, we can’t beef ’bout no small shit
Oversea got the crowd doin’ moshpits
Can’t believe that I’m still in apartments
Business man, went an got me an office
Million dollar deals, I get ’em often
Me and Dolla was servin’ on Spar Street
How legit, he gon’ stay with that chopsticks
I got robbed, that shit made me a monster

Kudos To Genius!

Lil Baby spits out his bars so relentlessly on Sum 2 Prove, it takes some time to fully understand all the s**t that he is saying. Once you have a good gauge of what he’s saying, I guarantee you will put respect on his name (If you haven’t already).




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