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Mac Miller Glows In “Good News”

That boy Mac was so f**king nice!

It’s been a year and some change since Mac Miller left this earth. While his spirit is the one thing people miss the most about him, his music-making is a close second. In Good News, the first single off of the Pittsburgh rapper’s upcoming Circles album, he lets us see his wonderful spirit and his great music-making ways.

Try your hardest not to cry while you listen to Good News. With the track featuring this serene instrumental, Mac opens up about everything from the pressure that he feels to make people happy to the process he takes to find happiness.

I spent the whole day in my head
Do a little spring cleanin’
I’m always too busy dreamin’
Well, maybe I should wake up instead
A lot of things I regret, but I just say I forget
Why can’t it just be easy?
Why does everybody need me to stay?
Oh, I hate the feeling
When you’re high but you’re underneath the ceiling
Got the cards in my hand, I hate dealing, yeah
Get everything I need then I’m gone, but it ain’t stealing
Can I get a break?
I wish that I could just get out my goddamn way
What is there to say?
There ain’t a better time than today

Kudos to Genius!

Though you don’t get kill-a-rapper Mac on this song, you do get a version of Mac that is introspective, vulnerable, and broken. I love when Mac is introspective, vulnerable and broken!

This is one of those songs that is perfect because of its imperfections.



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