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Listen To YT’s “Into The D.A.R.K.NESS”

YT keeps it all the way real in the very explosive “Into The D.A.R.K.NESS.”

YT is one of those rappers that gives me old school hip-hop vibes in his music. With that being said, on Into The D.A.R.K.NESS, YT’s latest album, he finds ways to connect with listeners utilizing gritty bars and extremely catchy hooks.

So why exactly should you listen to Into The Ds? For starters, I believe the beats that you get on it are fantastic! Not only are they able to shake up housing foundations, but most of them also feature sinister vibes you simply won’t be able to hear on the radio. As for the rapping on the album, you get catchy hooks by YT and his crew, in addition to words that hit harder than Mike Tyson. All in all, Into The D.A.R.K.NESS is explosive, it’s entertaining, and it is hella impactful!

Listen to Into The D.A.R.K.NESS HERE!




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