Jonny Blanco


Jonny Blanco’s mind is a lot more dynamic than yours.

Jonny Blanco, a member of the rap group Fham, is a 21-year-old rapper that was born and raised in Framingham, Massachusetts. He has pursued musically seriously since the age of 18 (Rapping, doing beats, and more). In addition to music, Jonny also runs a successful online gaming channel.

Jonny’s latest single, “SOS” featuring Droza, is an upbeat song in which both rappers cleverly brag about getting guap, putting homies on, and smoking on some good-good. Musically, I would call the song one of those that will make you want to dance frantically and bop your head violently.

Jonny is the real deal. I love how he hurls his bars out erratically, which, when paired with the up-tempo beat “SOS” gives off, forms an unforgettable outcome. Aside from “SOS,” just by listening to all of Jonny’s singles, it’s clear that he is one of those dudes that has next. Definitely be on the lookout for his new music!