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Tyla Yaweh & Wiz Khalifa Drop Off “High Right Now”




Tyla Yaweh and Wiz Khalifa are high and proud!

Is there anything better than a certified weed anthem? (That’s a rhetorical question). The latest to hit the net is “High Right Now (Remix)”  — a banger by Tyla Yaweh and Wiz Khalifa that you might be able to catch second-hand smoke from.

“High Right Now” is one of those songs that features an extremely infectious hook, unapologetic lyrics centered around haziness, and a nice little instrumental you can bop your head to. While Tyla and Wiz both sing their asses off on the song (They sing pretty poorly, too), I do think there’s a slight level of rebelliousness they each give off that will strike a chord with you.

Have you ever been high at an airport? It’s one of the most unpleasant experiences you can go through in life…

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