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Lil Nas X & Nas Link Up For “Rodeo (Remix)”


Lil Nas X & Nas


Lil Nas X linked up with Nas this weekend. (2020 has been so f**king bizarre)

Say it loud and proud: Lil Nas X is a Grammy-award winning artist! As unbelievable as that sounds, something that might be on the same level of unbelievable is the fact that the Georgia-bred artist has gotten a chance to link up with the other Nas (Nas) for a remix to “Rodeo.”

This remix to “Rodeo” is trill as f**k! Not only do you get a version of Nas X that is gritty on the song but you also get a version of Nas that is pretty gassed up, too. I mean, s**t, Nas sounds like one of them Lil Whatevas on the song!

Lil Nas X’s resume is very impressive.

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