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Fifth Puts Up A Great Performance In “Cost Of Doin’ Business”




The rebirth of real ass hip hop starts with this song!

The music industry bid adieu to the times in which artists just rapped over a beat and that was that. Just because we’ve gotten used to all the bells and whistle songs we hear these days doesn’t mean we don’t miss hip-hop music’s simpler days. In “Cost of Doin’ Business,” Fifth, a talented rapper from Pittsburg, CA, gives us a blast to hip-hop’s past. 

Though the piano chords and the female singer you hear throughout “Cost of Doin’ Business” gives it a lighter feel, the track is very much reminiscent of raw 90s hip hop — from its rhythm to Fifth’s lyrics in which he talks about fighting for what’s important regardless of all the obstacles in his way. To make a long story short, in “Cost of Doin’ Business,” Fifth’s voice and his lyrics are the main attraction, while the beat to the track is mainly used to elevate and support his messages. 

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Sachael Carter

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