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Duke Deuce Recruits Lil Jon, Juicy J & Project Pat For “Crunk Ain’t Dead (Remix)”


Duke Deuce, Lil Jon, Juicy J & Project Pat


Crunk IS dead…

If you expected a song featuring Duke Deuce, Lil Jon, Juicy J & Project Pat to be crazy as s**t, you are absolutely right! “Crunk Ain’t Dead (Remix)” features an explosive instrumental, tons of yelling, tons of fighting words, tons of testosterone, tons of Three Six Mafia influence, and tons of old school crunk vibes. Will I listen to the song during my free time? Probably not, but that’s because I suffer from heart palpitations.

Duke Deuce has stated that he wants to bring crunk music back… Nah, n***a, leave that s**t in the past!


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