Cousin Stizz, Doja Cat & Bia


So much sass gets added to “Perfect.” (Take out the ‘s’ if you want to)

Cousin Stizz isn’t an artist that excites me, but Doja Cat and Bia are! With that being said, “Perfect (Remix)” is a banger that I believe fits both female acts perfectly. (No pun intended)

While Cousin Stizz sets the tone for “Perfect” with a nonchalant hook and verse that has him talking about connecting with b*tches that match his gangsta, Doja and Bia take the song to another level, gifting us with flows that are pretty dynamic and lyrics that insinuate that they are cooler than sliced bread, 4K TVs, and The Fonz.

I can see this song getting serious burn in the clubs.