Juelz Santana Drops “23 & 1” With Meek Mill

23 & 1

Juelz Santana


I’m one of those bizarre individuals that still believes Juelz has next…

As we speak, Juelz Santana is sitting in jail. The good news is that these days, artists in jail are still able to release music to the masses. With that being said, today, Juelz decided to drop a deep new track called “23 & 1.”

“23 & 1” is powered by this soulful instrumental that gets more and more intense as the song goes on. Over it, Juelz practically rants about America’s f**ked up jail system and a few fake friends he had in his circle. What I love most about the song is that Juelz keeps his composure throughout it, tackling tough issues through clever punchlines and deliveries that are on point.

At the end of “23 & 1,” Meek Mill, someone who has recently done a jail stint, talks about the conversations he has had with Juelz Santana these last couple of months. It’s definitely something that is beautiful to hear!

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