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Juelz Santana, Dave East & Jim Jones Fly Their “Pink Eagle” In New Song


Juelz Santana, Jim Jones & Dave East


Free Juelz Santana!

Even though they locked my man Juelz Santana up, it hasn’t stopped him from releasing new music. Just two weeks ago, he dropped a song in “23 & 1” that had him calling out both the judicial system and his fake friends. Today, the 38-year-old rapper decided to drop a new song called “Pink Eagle” that has him sounding reckless as s**t.

Harlem is represented very well in “Pink Eagle.” In the song, you get a verse by Dave East in which he reminds the world how real, rich, and street-certified he is, a verse by Juelz Santana in which he gets disrespectful with our women and warns softies to stay home when the streets are hot, and a verse by Jim Jones in which he comes across like a boss that is a few years away from retirement. Each rapper brings a different type of style/swagger to the song, making it quite the listen for true fans of rap.

The first thing Mike Bloomberg has to do when he becomes President is pardon Juelz Santana.

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