Rick Denzien Blasts To The Past In “Teasing Me”


Rick Denzien


“Teasing Me” is the definition of a vintage-sounding song.

Rick Denzien, a zero-emission musician, as he refers to himself, is a singer/songwriter, educator, and activist. His goal is to create a better world through music and eco-sustainability. With the release of “Teasing Me,” Rick looks to bolster his already impressive resume of great music and give those who love old school hits a blast to the past.

From the first electronic wave played, “Teasing Me” emits 80s disco vibes. To paint more of a vivid picture for you, I find “Teasing Me” to be the type of song that you play when you’re driving into the sunset in your red convertible, roof off, with your five best friends all by your side. Lyrics like, “looking where I can find a lover, always ends up empty and dry,” mixed with the instrumental attached to the song makes it the perfect rock love song! All in all, “Teasing Me” never stops tugging on your heartstrings and makes you want to get up and thrash around at the same time. It’s definitely a song that you will feel the need to listen to more than once!

Listen to “Teasing Me” at the top of the page and check out Rick’s website HERE for more info on him!


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