Yella Beezy


Keep it in the streets like I keep my draws in the sheets!

Yella Beezy is one of the realest rappers in the game right now (And I’m not saying that because he got shot). Whenever he drops music, I expect it to be enjoyable but also informative. His latest banger, “Keep It In The Streets,” stays true to those exact elements.

“Keep It In The Streets” features an instrumental that is trap-soulful, melodies that are infectious, and lyrics that are realer than Apryl’s booty (That s**t looks real, to me). Though I’m not in the streets much these days, I feel every single word Yella Beezy spews out in this song (I mean, who doesn’t get frustrated by individuals that don’t follow simple rules?)

Don’t you love the urgency in Yella Beezy’s voice when he raps/sings?