AR Base Cover-Double Blessing


Ar Base


AR Base continues to bless us with music that is pure.

AR Base is one of my favorite Christian hip-hop artists. Yes, he talks about the impact that GOD has played in his life like other artists in his lane do, but, to me, the way he does it is a bit more unique. With that being said, “Double Blessing,” AR’s latest single, is an explosive gem that is impossible to dislike.

First and foremost, I love the instrumental attached to “Double Blessing!” Not only does it give off vibes that are hard-hitting and smooth, but it also has a level of liveliness to it that is beyond refreshing. As for AR Bases’ contributions to the song, they are beyond amazing. Throughout the hook and his verses, he reiterates to us all that GOD has our back through thick & thin, good & bad, and peanut & no peanut M&M. (Who can hate on a message like that?) Though I love AR’s words in the song, I think it’s his fearless singing that catches my attention the most.

AR Base’s experience, willingness to adapt, and passion are the things that make him a special artist.