Amine is back, folks!

Aminé is easily one of the most talented rappers in the game right now. In my opinion, he is really good at creating melodies, being artistic, and crafting songs. In “Shimmy,” his latest single, the Portland rapper shows the world that he is more than capable of killing n***as with bars, too.

I love it when rappers talk s**t in their music! In “Shimmy,” Aminé talks so much s**t, you would think his mouth has diarrhea. Seriously, in the song, he calls out rappers for lying about their wealth and stealing his style, while also proclaiming 2020 to be his year.

Aside from Aminé’s s**t-talking in “Shimmy,” I also love the old school rap instrumental that powers the song. (It’s definitely Wu-Tang-esque)

Damn, I didn’t know Aminé was capable of getting this disrespectful!