Although arts often get encompassed under one umbrella, different skills are required for different things. They may be similar, but writing lyrics requires different skills than drawing, performing songs, acting, etc. Today, we’re looking at our favorite rappers that have defied odds and excelled on screen.




One of my favorite things about Offset is the adlibs he spews out in songs. There’s something about hearing him yell “Offset” on a track that just satisfies me. Little known to the outside world, not only can Offset write great adlibs and verses, but he can also act. The Migos rapper recently starred in an NCIS LA episode. He delivered an exciting performance that caught me off guard a bit. I, for one, hope that this is not the end of Offset’s acting career!



4. ICE-T


Aside from his music, Ice T is known mostly for his role in Law and Order: SVU. He adds a new dimension to the role of television cop — he’s not just a police officer, he is also someone who genuinely cares about his community. Ice T brings his character to life in a way that makes him seem real and that allows him to connect with the audience. If you’ve never seen Law and Order: SVU, give it a chance, I guarantee that detective Tutuola will win you over in the same way that Ice T did.





I am an action movie junkie. Put on any movie where people are jumping from buildings, things are blowing up or there are fast car chases, and I’ll be happy. Fast and the Furious is one of my favorite movie franchises. The characters, the plot and the stunts all add up to the most riveting and exciting 2 hours of your life. Ludacris’ character, Tej Parker, might not be the star of the franchise but the movies certainly wouldn’t be the same without his smart remarks or the bromance Parker has with Tyrese Gibson’s character, Roman Pearce.





From NWA to Boyz n the Hood, Ice Cube did not skip a beat! He stayed true through it all, acting in movies that centered around the same issues he rapped about. Ice Cube earned his way into our hearts musically and then proved he deserved to be on the big screen in movies like Friday and Barbershop. We can only hope that his son and look alike, O’Shea Jackson Jr., will follow in his footsteps.





The most iconic rapper turned actor on this list is Queen Latifah. She has become a star on screen and in our hearts. With characters like Khadija James in Living Single and Cleo Sims in Set it off, not to mention her albums, All Hail the Queen and Black Reign, you cannot deny her immense talent. Whether it’s in the studio or on the movie screen, Latifah will kill anything she puts her mind to!