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Lil Skies Calls On Lil Durk For “Havin My Way”


Lil Skies & Lil Durk


Skies returns with some heat.

Despite having a bunch of stupid tattoos on his face, I think Lil Skies is one of the wisest young rappers in the game. Not only is he capable of spitting intricate bars, but he’s also really good at opening up on songs. In “Havin My Way,” his latest single, the Pennsylvania native opts to kill his ops with heinousness.

“Havin My Way” features the following: A ghostly instrumental, infectious melodies and tons of trash talk by both Lil Skies and Lil Durk. Though you won’t be able to dance to the song, I think you will be able to violently nod your head to it.

Lil Skies looks like a fourteen-year-old Joker.

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