Benny The Butcher


Who the f**k is cutting ghetto onions in the other room?

Shannon Sharpe may not know who Benny the Butcher is, but real ones do. In “Did I,” Benny’s latest single, he lets the world know how he’s become one of the most respected street rappers in the game.

“Did I” is one of those rap songs that feature a passionate hook and production that straddles the line between hard-hitting and gentle. As for Benny, in the song, he hits us with deep-ass bars about his drug-dealing past, his hustling ways, and his knack for keeping s**t real at all times. Every single lyric you hear from the 35-year-old rapper sounds authentic as s**t and is delivered with precision.

Benny The Butcher will never not look like a stone-cold trapper.