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Ratings Game Music Presents: Top 5s (The Weeknd Songs)

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In honor of his recently released fourth studio album “After Hours,” here are our top 5 songs from The Weeknd’s discography!


The production and The Weeknd’s vocals on “Die For You” are in a love affair, and it’s so satisfying to listen to!

“Die for You” blends pop, rock, and R&B vibes perfectly, setting up a platform for The Weeknd’s crystal clear falsetto register to do work!




An intergalactic funk-inspired slow jam perfect for any “dim the lights” moment, “I Feel It Coming” is a fresh take on The Weeknd’s signature sound and style.

“I Feel It Coming” features an exciting partnership with Daft Punk, who adds light and energy to the song. A perfect start to your party playlist, “I Feel It Coming” shows the versatility of The Weeknd’s vocal quality and tone.




This vintage The Weeknd track epitomizes sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Released in 2012, “Wicked Games” shows the brilliance of The Weeknd through his modernization of rock, R&B, and hip hop elements. He does it best on this track, creating a spooky sensual tone that is still unlike anything we have heard before.




“Rolling Stone” always takes me by surprise. The roundabout acoustic guitar you hear on it was a new choice for the Canadian singer — one that I think really pays off, especially when paired next to the electric guitar you hear at the end of the song. All in all, “Rolling Stone” is an exciting detour from The Weeknd’s signature sound.




“The Morning” still ranks as one of The Weeknd’s best hits. Boasting an easy-to-pick-up hook, sharp guitar riffs, a hard snare, and sensual melodies, this track is an all-around bop.

Every musical choice on “The Morning” is unique and packaged together in a nuanced way that is enticing and provocative. The Weeknd talks of his rock star lifestyle in his lyrics on the song, but it’s the musicality that makes us want to be apart of his dark, magical, and sexy world.

“The Morning” is an evolution of the Weeknd’s style and a staple in his discography.


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