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Destructo Calls On Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates & Denzel Curry For “Bandz”


Destructor, Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates & Denzel Curry


“Bandz” features some serious southern talent in Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates & Denzel Curry!

There are a few people walking planet earth right now that don’t think Southern rappers have talent. If you are one of them, pay close attention to “Bandz.”

“Bandz” is powered by this grungy-ass beat that sounds like it smokes on hookah five days a week. Over it, Kevin Gates gifts us with an infectious hook that has him sounding like a certified money-chaser, a tough-ass verse by Yo Gotti in which he talks about his drug-dealing past and gutter ways, and an explosive verse by Denzel Curry in which he sounds like a demented problem child. When you combine everyone’s contributions to the song, what you end up with is a banger that needs to be blasted through some club speakers.

I need this joint cranking hard on my birthday (This Tuesday)!

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