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DaBaby Finally Releases “Find My Way”




DaBaby proves to the world that he is a versatile rapper.

Hate it or love it, DaBaby is on top! These days, everything he does is watched like a hawk by fans of hip-hop music. Today, the North Carolina rapper decided to release “Find My Way” — a banger that has been teased and highly-anticipated for weeks.

“Find My Way” features a serene beat that has some serious bass attached to it. As for DaBaby, on the song, he raps dynamically, he sings melodically and hurls out lyrics that are both gritty and hood romantic. Below are some of the lyrics you hear from him in the song:

‘Cause I been busy catchin’ them blessings I used to pray for (Let’s go)
Stackin’ up the backend like Tetris, we playin’ Legos
And every day I pray to God that a nigga don’t try to play, though
‘Cause I don’t like to play, be done gave a nigga a halo (Boom, boom, boom)
Thinkin’ ’bout the people I lost, know I got some angels
Chillin’ with my freak, when we fuckin’, it ease my anger
I’m takin’ selfies with my bitch, she keep switchin’ up different angles
And no, I never kept a bitch, but I always keep me a banger (Boom, boom, boom)

In my opinion, “Find My Way” is one of DaBaby’s best songs to-date.


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