Rich The Kid


I can see a deluxe version of “BOSS MAN” coming from a mile away.

Rich The Kid’s BOSS MAN album isn’t amazing, but it does have a few tracks on it that I f**k with. One of them is “Stuck Together” — a cold-ass banger that has Rich and featured guest Lil Baby going back and forth on some boss s**t. Today, a remix of the track has hit the net, and it features a short but sweet verse by Future in which he proclaims himself to be the best thing since sliced bread. Below are some of the things he says in the song:

Number one on the top of the rapper lists (I’m number one)
But I’ll never get into the politics (Pluto)
I went number one, made it to challenges (Skrrt)
I see hate on your face and you proud of it (Slatt)
From the gutter where niggas be trappin’ shit (Woo)
Chop the head off the Maybach it’s topless (Ice)
If she mad, then she rock a Phillipe (Phillipe)
That ain’t me, she belong to the streets (Only me)
I be making the M’s once a week (Once a week)
I get money I go overseas (Overseas)

“I like “Stuck Together” a lot more now!