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10APART Bluntly Spill Their Hearts Out On “Blossom”

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You should always make room in your life for a love song like “Blossom.”

10APART is an R&B duo from Washington DC that you need to pay close attention to. Though they have vocal abilities that are outstanding, what makes them extra unique is their ability to keep it real in their music. “Blossom,” 10APART’s latest single, is the definition of an infectious R&B jam that does everything in its power to touch your soul.

If you are from the DMV like I am, you know that looking at cherry blossoms during the spring is something we love doing. Well, “Blossom” isn’t as bright and glittery as your typical cherry blossom, but it is still a treat! Not only will you love the sultry vocals that you get from both singers on the song, but their lyrics about unapologetically letting your lover know how you feel about them will certainly connect with you.

Listen to the silky smooth and slightly edgy “Blossom” at the top of the page!



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