Dylan Carbone & J Romero


Ready or not, you can’t run, you can’t hide from the very explosive “Miénteme!”

When it comes to uplifting, inspiring, and getting folks to dance, there is no other music genre that does it better than reggaeton. The energy and passion that most reggaeton songs give off are too explosive to ignore. With that being said, “Miénteme” by Dylan Carbone and J Romero is a hit that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to getting your heart to race.

“Miénteme” flips “I Don’t Wanna Know” by Mario Winans (A song I absolutely love). Though the original version of the song boasts somber vibes, Dylan Carbone and J Romero’s version is more upbeat, contains lyrics that are mainly in Spanish, and features both fearless and brutish vocals.

I get it, not knowing whether or not your lover is cheating on you is a very stressful thing, but when you hear such a dilemma play out on an exhilarating song like “Miénteme,” s**t doesn’t seem as bad!

Listen to “Mienteme” at the top of the page!