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dvsn – A Muse In Her Feelings (Album Review)


“A Muse In Her Feelings” proves to the world that dvsn are more than just slow jam connoisseurs.





dvsn’s style of music is usually different from what you are used to hearing on the radio today. With that being said, “Miss Me” is a very Trey Songz-Esque track. On it, you get an uptempo beat that has all kinds of playful vibes attached to it, in addition to kiddy lyrics revolving around missing someone so bad that you can’t even sleep at night (I’ve been there before).

Are you sure you don’t have the Coronavirus, Daniel? Over here sweating for no reason.




“Outlandish” is one of those tracks that blends dance vibes, sensual lyrics, and passionate vocals masterfully.

There are so many things to love about “Outlandish.” For starters, I think the hook that Daniel gifts us with on the song is as catchy as it gets. I also love how lively the beat is and how raunchy Daniel’s lyrics are. 

Do you want to know what’s really outlandish? Hand sanitizer prices. I saw a bottle of hand sanitizer on Amazon for $15 the other day. (Jesus)




“No Cryin” is a track that satisfies my club side. On it, you get an uptempo beat that features trap-R&B vibes, soulful crooning by Daniel Daley, and a performance by Future that will remind you of his old s**t.

I didn’t know Daniel had a savage side to him… He definitely comes across like one of those mean-ass coaches that yells at his star player for taking too many shots on “No Cryin.”




When it comes to making pure R&B music, dvsn and Snoh Aalegra are absolute pros! “Between Us,” a duet between the two musical acts, is a smooth banger that will give you both nostalgic and seductive feels.

“Between Us” features production that is smoother than my woman’s baby hair. Over it, Daniel Daley hits us with a soulful hook and verse that has him sounding like someone who has been negligent towards his lover throughout the years. As for Snoh, she emotionally lets her man know how to treat her like the queen she is on her lone verse on the song. Both singers hit us with outstanding melodies and notes that even Tacko Fall can’t reach.

“Nice and Slow” by Usher is such a classic song.




“A Muse” is easily one of the best songs I’ve heard this year.

“A Muse” is a sensual R&B jam that features the following: A sample of Lonnie Liston Smith’s “A Garden Of Peace,” tons of passionate harmonizing, and lyrics that will make you want to staple your hands to your woman’s vagina.

I know this sounds weird, but you should always listen to “A Muse” naked.


1. NO GOOD (4/5)

2. FRIENDS (3.5/5)


4. COURTSIDE (3.5/5)

5. MISS ME? (4/5)

6. NO CRYIN (5/5)


8. SO WHAT (4/5)

9. OUTLANDISH (4.5/5)

10. KEEP IT GOING (3.5/5)

11. FLAWLESS’ DO IT WELL, PT. 3 (4/5)

12. GREEDY (4/5)

13. BETWEEN US (5/5)

14. A MUSE (5/5)

15. FOR US (3.5/5)

16. … AGAIN (3.5/5)




Do you know what I learned a few years ago? To never put greatness in a box. I have always believed that dvsn was a great R&B duo, so I shouldn’t have doubted them when I realized that they wanted to switch their sound up a bit. With that being said, A Muse In Her Feelings is a body-of-work that features so many different styles of R&B music. While Daniel Daley is still as passionate as it gets vocally on the album, the production you get from Nineteen85 is all over the place (I mean that in a good way). All in all, I never thought that dvsn could keep me on my toes for sixteen straight tracks.

If you are a so-called dvsn fanatic, A Muse In Her Feelings might rub you the wrong way. Before you bash the album, realize this: Every artist should mature, experiment with different sounds, and put themselves in uncomfortable situations.

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