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XALSER Turns Up The Emotions On “Yesterday”

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“Yesterday” will make you want your old thing back!

Some musicians come across as superhumans, but at the end of the day, they go through the same things that you and I go through. With that being said, XALSER is an amazing songwriter/producer that found a way to touch on something that we’ve all experienced in the very passionate “Yesterday.”

“Yesterday” is powered by an instrumental that is both soothing and electrifying (The song features some epic EDM drops). Over it, the talented singer on the song floats, never sounding too high or too low vocally. As for lyrically, she opens up about a former lover of hers that once had her emotions on a string in the song.

“Yesterday” is relatable, romantic, and the definition of heartwarming. Check the song out at the top of the page!



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