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Philly Blocks Elevates To “CEO” Status On His Latest Single


Philly Blocks


If you aren’t a real one, “CEO” probably won’t resonate with you.

Philly Blocks is no rookie to Ratings Game Music. Just a few weeks ago, we posted a hot-ass single from him called “Days Of Our Lives” that features a mix of soulful vibes and hungry raps. Today, Blocks has decided to return to the music scene with a trill new single called “CEO.”

“CEO” boasts a riveting trap beat that encourages both head nods and mean-mugging (Kudos to DP Beats). Over it, Philly Blocks raps about his come-up, his disgust for ops, and his hustling ways. While you’re going to love how ferociously the Louisville rapper hurls out every single one of his bars on the song, don’t ignore the unique flows and clever punchlines he blesses us with, too.

Check out “CEO” by Philly Blocks at the top of the page!



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