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Listen To “2AM Drive” By Fitch Means

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Fitch Means

Fitch Means lets it all hang out on 2 AM Drive.

Fitch Means is an up-and-coming R&B artist that knows how to make music that is deep. On 2 Am Drive, a body-of-work that the Pennsylvania native created after a major breakup, he gifts us with vocals that are soul-clinching and lyrics that are beyond rivetting.

Fitch tackles love from a very unique point-of-view on 2 Am Drive. On a song like “2AM Drive,” he talks about taking late-night drives to clear his head after a fight with his partner, while on a song like “Pretend,” he openly talks about his failing relationship. Personally, I love how Fitch tackles every hook, every verse, and every word on the EP with nothing but passion.

Listen to 2 Am Drive below.




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