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Wolf Mason Does Some Soul-Searching On “By Myself”

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Wolf Mason


“By Myself” is beyond stirring.

Everyone appreciates talent, right? Everyone can identify with passion, right? Well, when the two worlds mix, what you end up getting is a concoction that is too astonishing to pass up. Wolf Mason, an up-and-coming singer from Florida, is someone who I think is both talented and passionate. The good news is that he uses both of his main skills quite a bit on the very explosive “By Myself.”

“By Myself” features pop, EDM, and hip-hop vibes. While the instrumental to the song has its fair share of smoothness attached to it, it also has epic EDM drops that will give you flashbacks to your wild Vegas nights. As for Wolf Mason, he gifts us with heartfelt lyrics that revolve around self-love and vocals that do everything in its power to pierce at your soul.

Make sure you listen to the amazing “By Myself” at the top of the page.



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