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Deaundre Reminisces About His Ex On “AT NIGHT”


Deaundre, Tom & Astronaut


“AT NIGHT” provides a new twist to a situation that has been sung about in a multitude of songs.

Everybody has gone through a breakup at some point in their life. On “AT NIGHT,” Deaundre, Tom and Astronaut were able to come together to create a light-hearted yet raw story about coming to terms with some of theirs.

The beat you hear on “AT NIGHT” is very well-constructed (It makes it difficult to turn the song off). Content-wise, the song covers the complexities of a breakup in a way that captures the full experience. As someone who has experienced a breakup before, I love how both Deaundre and Tom sing about thinking about their exes when they go to sleep, but also sing about how their exes love spreading lies about them (Sometimes breakups are all over the place).

“AT NIGHT” is the first of two singles off of Deaundre’s joint album with his longtime collaborator, Astronaut. Listen to the blazing hot song at the top of the page!




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