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DSB n Ike Okani Transform The Rolling Stones’ “Living In A Ghost Town”

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DSB n Ike Okani


New genre, who dis? 

“Living In A Ghost Town” is DSB n Ike Okani’s EDM version of The Rolling Stones song with the same name. The artists added their own spin on a fan favorite by plugging in some new lyrics and giving it more party vibes.

DSB n Ike Okani took “Living In A Ghost Town” and completely flipped it on its head. Besides the title and the lyrics, the two versions of the song sound distinctly different. While the original fits within the Rock genre, typical of The Rolling Stones’ music, DSB n Ike Okani’s version sounds like it could be played in a club or a music festival. The EDM beat attached to the song gives it a whole new feel. As I listened to it, I could imagine a group of twenty-year-olds dancing to the song wild and crazily at a lit Vegas nightclub. Regardless of the differences, DSB n Ike Okani did a really good job of making the song their own while staying true to the original.

Check out DSB and Ike Okani’s version of “Living In A Ghost Town” at the top of the page! Also, comment below to let us know what you think about the song.

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