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Ace Hood & Jacquees Link Up For “12 O’Clock”

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Ace Hood & Jacquees


How many babies do you think are going to be made because of “12 O’Clock?” I say one trillion.

This Friday, Ace Hood will release his new album titled Mr. Hood. If he doesn’t hit a home run with this one, I’m scared he will be out of the game for good. Today, Ace decided to get us ready for the album by releasing “12 O’Clock” — a smooth banger that is impossible to dislike.

“12 O’Clock” will resonate with hip-hop fans all over the globe. The song features a hook by Jacquees that is way too infectious to ignore, raps by Ace Hood that straddle the line between romantic and gangsta, and a beat that does everything in its power to put you in a spell. Additionally, the song borrows lyrics from Usher’s “Nice and Slow” hit (Everyone knows “Nice and Slow” is fire).

I’m looking forward to Mr. Hood!

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