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NLE Choppa Remixes Lil Baby’s “Emotionally Scarred”

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NLE Choppa


NLE Choppa holds nothing back on “Emotionally Scarred (Remix).”

Last week, people started claiming that NLE Choppa wasn’t from the hood. If these claims are true, I cannot tell based on the music he makes. Today, Choppa decided to prove once again that he is really about that life by releasing an explosive remix to Lil Baby’s “Emotionally Scarred” hit.

As expected, the energy that NLE Choppa raps with on “Emotionally Scarred (Remix)” is impeccable. Not only does he sound like he’s rapping while on a rollercoaster ride on the song, but he also tackles things like heartbreak and suicide rawly in his verses. Below are some of the things he says in the song:

If I ain’t hard on a b—- that means that I don’t give a f—
Emotionally scarred by my past, I think I’m outta love
I need love, so she hit me different when b—— start trippin’
All these drugs in my body, tryna cope, this pain I’m feelin’
See, these slugs in my mouth when I smile, but I feel empty
And for the love, for my child I ain’t blow the brain out my fitted
I don’t want the hoes and dime-a-dozen

Though I find “Emotionally Scarred (Remix)” to be beyond riveting, I also find it to be a bit disturbing…

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