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Casper Sun Blesses Us With Feel-Good Vibes On “visions”

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Casper Sun


I can listen to “visions” every single day this summer.

Casper Sun is such an outstanding singer/songwriter. Not only is he capable of making timeless-sounding music, but he also has a knack for filling his music with lyrics that are both honest and blunt. On “visions,” Casper Sun shines bright by gifting us with something that will make you feel very warm inside.

“visions” is powered by a sunny beat that almost feels therapeutic. Over it, Casper sings daringly about kicking it with this girl that has great morning breath, a nice booty, and good vibes. What I love most about the song is that it features adorable lyrics and very infectious melodies.

Casper Sun, thank you for gifting us with a song that can put a smile on our face for at least a few minutes!



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