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Jude Gwynaire Soothes Souls With “Made In Wuhan”

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Jude Gwynaire


“Made in Wuhan” is a groovy instrumental. The way Gwynaire layers different sounds together throughout the song keeps it fresh and exciting.

Jude Gwynaire is a musician, composer, and writer from Suffolk, UK. He draws on his various interests to create instrumental soundscapes. In addition to writing music, he also writes science-fiction and fantasy stories for both adults and children.

Even though “Made In Wuhan” clocks in at 7:29, the song doesn’t feel that long. It has soothing vibes that will relax your mind or calm your nerves if you ever get anxious.

Given all of the things that are going on around the globe, “Made In Wuhan” is well-needed pleasure. Listen to the song at the top of the page!

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