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Trippie Redd Rocks Out On “Dreamer”


Trippie Redd


You have to respect Trippie Redd’s fearlessness.

Trippie Redd has consistently released music this year. While a good chunk of the songs he has dropped is on some R&B s**t, “Dreamer” is on some unadulterated rock s**t.

“Dreamer” isn’t for hip-hop lovers. The song is powered by an instrumental that is on some lively rock s**t and vocals by Trippie Redd that Mark Hoppus would probably be proud of. As for lyrically, you’re going to love how the Canton rapper does everything in his power to come across like a wizard that is capable of getting women to end up under his spell.

Rockstar rappers are running the game right now.

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