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Alabama Nick & Salembound Joshi Keep It Real On “Country Boy”


Alabama Nick & Salembound Joshi


“Country Boy” is off of Alabama Nick’s “We The South” album.

Alabama Nick’s We The South album is a fantastic listen! The music on it is both explosive and authentically Southern. One of the best songs on We The South is “Country Boy.”

“Country Boy” is powered by a bass boomin beat that has a splash of coldness attached to it. Over it, both Alabama Nick and Salembound Joshi remind the world that they are Alabama gs that get guap, slay bad chicks, and have no problem pulling up on ops. While Alabama Nick spits his bars with a level of animation that is glaring, Salembound Joshi gifts us with a style that is beyond sly. What the two rappers do share are flows that are unflappable.

“Country Boy” is an anthem that all the real ones below the Mason Dixon line can relate to. Check the hot-ass song out at the top of the page!




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