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YoungBoy Never Broke Again Opens Up On “Death Enclaimed”

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again


What the hell does “enclaimed” mean?

Everybody knows that YoungBoy Never Broke Again has a lot of s**t going on in his life. The good news is this: He is an open book. With that being said, today, the Baton Rouge rapper decided to release “Death Enclaimed” — an emotional banger that has him confessing to us that he is paranoid of being killed, that he isn’t down for fake friendships, and that he is having issues finding real love. While a good chunk of the song features a melody from NBA that is pretty infectious, you do get times in which he raps like a madman.

Seriously, what does “enclaimed” mean? (I hate feeling left out)

5 thoughts on “YoungBoy Never Broke Again Opens Up On “Death Enclaimed”

  1. It could be that he’s saying that he’s dead inside. The prefix ‘en’ has to do within and claim ofcourse is like a truth without proof. It wouldn’t be an uncommon thing in Youngboy’s life or music to let out such a message or cry. (Eg. Drawing Symbols, Tramautized, Lonely Child)

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