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Best Music Streaming Apps for Students

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Music streaming has emerged as the most preferred mode of consuming music today. Consequently, the industry has seen a proliferation of streaming platforms in the past few years. As a result, students have no shortage of applications for streaming music on their smartphones. Here are some of the best music streaming apps for students.


With more than 170 million users around the world, Spotify has solidified its place among the best music streaming services. As one of the pioneers of streaming, Sportify has managed to revolutionize music consumption. The app provides access to more than 40 million tracks. Users can listen to either single tracks or albums from their favorite artists. More than half of Spotify users have subscribed to its premium service. This indicates the level of trust that the users have in the service. The subscription somes at a flat rate of $10 per month. Besides, there is also a free option that allows users to listen to music. However the free option comes with ads to help the app generate additional revenue from advertisements.

Spotify is specifically tailored for students because of its discount subscription offer for students. The cut-price subscription offer allows students to access Hulu. Moreover, there is a family discount that also offers a lower price for multiple accounts. Students can benefit from either of the two offers to continue enjoying high quality music at a lower price.


Apple Music

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For most essays about music, Apple Music is bound to appear somewhere. This is one of the fastest growing music streaming platforms in the industry. With more than 50 million users, the growth of Apple Music has been nothing but massive since its launch. The app allows users to access any music that is stored in the Apple Music library, which is one of the largest digital music libraries in the world. This app is also wonderful for students because of its superior design when compared to its competitors. Apple Music is available on both iOS and Android based devices. Therefore, students who do not have the latest iPhones can still access the app on android and have the same experience. The unique design of the app allows users to easily switch between Apple radio, saved songs, and various recommendations. There is also a featured section that lets users access content uploaded by artists. Moreover, the app also has a connect feature that enables users to access different kinds of content, create playlists, and access Beats Music. For students seeking the superior experience created by the different unique features in Apple Music, this is without doubt the best platform to stream music.



As one of the latest entries in the streaming space,the rise of Tidal has been phenomenal. This app is recommended for students for various reasons. It has more than 60 million tracks from different artists, which makes it one of the biggest music streaming services. The app also has customized music recommendations based on the interests of each user. In addition, Tidal users can also connect with their best artists through the in depth interviews that are posted on the platform. This allows users to keep themselves abreast with the developments in the lives of their favorite artists. Another unique feature of Tidal is the fact that it allows users to easily share music to other platforms such as Snapchat through Snapchat stories. What’s more, the app also has an offline mode that lets users access music while offline. Unlike most of its competitors, Tidal offers users with different subscription options. There is the premium service and the HiFi service in addition to discounts provided to students, families, and members of the US military.


YouTube Music

Music students can benefit a lot from cheap essay writing service offered on this platform. Our music essays are original and customized to the requirements of each set of instructions. We have vast experience in providing quality assignments to our clients at affordable rates. For students looking for help in writing quality music assignments that tackle emerging topics such as this discussion on streaming can always get in touch with us. When discussing digital music consumption, YouTube is without doubt one of the top music services in the world. With more than 1.5 billion users, the Google owned platform is the largest repository of music in the world. YouTube Music grants users access to the entire youtube library. The platform is free for users, although they will have to contend with ads. However, for users that do not like ads, there is a premium subscription costing $10 per month. This subscription allows users to access both audio and video without ads. Most students are already familiar with YouTube for its videos. Therefore, it is not difficult to transition to YouTube Music if one wants to access high quality music that is built off the back of YouTube.


Amazon Prime Music

Amazon is one of the latest entries in the streaming industry with its Amazon Prime Music app. The app has been performing really well since its launch and has attracted a massive following from students. The app incorporates Cloud Player library, which includes the songs that one purchases on Amazon. The unlimited subscription allows users to access the entire Amazon Music Library for $10 per month. Amazon Prime Members have a discounted fee for subscription at a monthly rate of $8. The fact that Amazon Prime Music has been created with interoperability in mind makes it a favorable app. The app can easily be synchronized with other Amazon products that most students already use.


Final Thoughts

Music streaming is the future of music consumption. The industry has seen many players come in with different offers for different sets of consumers. For students, some of the best music streaming apps as highlighted in his essay are Spotify, Apple Music, Tida, YouTube Music, and Amazon Prime Music.


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