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Desiigner Does His Best Impression Of Nas On “Hate Me Now (Freestyle)”




How can you hate on Desiigner?

Desiigner reminds me of a first round draft pick that had a very good rookie year, but a poor second, third, and fourth year. The good news is that he isn’t even 25 yet, so he has an opportunity to make a major comeback. Today, the New York rapper decided to return to the music scene with “Hate Me Now (Freestyle)” — an explosive banger that flips Nas’ classic hit with the same name (Well, minus the ‘freestyle’ part).

I don’t know how I am supposed to feel about “Hate Me Now (Freestyle)” … In one sense, I f**k with the fact that Desiigner decided to transform a tough-ass 90s hit into some semi-brooklyn drill s**t. In another sense, I feel like his rapping on the song is borderline atrocious (I wasn’t f**king with his flows or content). I guess I’m going to have to please the 5th on this one.

I’m so old that I remember the actual day the original “Hate Me Now” came out.


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