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Listen To “Pathway To Aetheria” By Em

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“Pathway To Aetheria” features nothing but wisdom-filled, soulful, and soothing music.

Em is a singer-songwriter that makes music that is beyond powerful. While she has a voice that can move mountains, do not sleep on her ability to write amazing lyrics. In her latest album, Pathway To Aetheria, Em finds a way to bend genres and touch souls.

Pathway to Aetheria is such an amazing body-of-work! Though the album only features eight songs, each and every one of them contains stunning vocal performances, heavenly instrumentals, and lyrics that promote the idea of soul-searching, true love, and individualism. While my favorite song on the album is “Sorrowland,” I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how intoxicating “Clear Is The Way” is, how thrilling “Fly With Wings” is, and how riveting “Grace” is.

Pathway to Aetheria is a must-listen! Stream the album below.




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