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Lupe Fiasco & Kaelin Ellis Release “SHOES” With Virgil Abloh

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Lupe Fiasco, Kaelin Ellis & Virgil Abloh


Lupe Fiasco is back and wiser than ever.

I legitimately thought Lupe Fiasco was the best rapper in the game at one point in my life. His music was explosive, controversial, and pretty unique back then. These days, Lupe doesn’t drop music nearly as much as I would like him to. Today, the Chicago rapper has decided to return to the music scene with “SHOES” — a soulful banger that has him rapping cleverly about inequality, ignorance, and materialism.

Virgil Abloh is featured on “SHOES,” and what he adds to the song is a powerful commentary about the idea of creating the pair of sneakers that Ahmaud Arbery was wearing at the time of his murder.

Black lives matter!

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