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Listen To “The Light Pack” By Joey Bada$$



Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ sounds recharged, restored, and hella motivated on “The Light Pack.”

Joey Bada$$ has been pretty silent these last couple of years. Yes, he featured on a few people’s songs, but he hasn’t dropped a major solo project in a while. Today, the New York rapper has decided to return to the music scene with The Light Pack — a three-track EP that goes harder than left out McDonald’s french fries.

The Light Pack is short but sweet. On the EP, you get a song called “The Light” in which Joey Bada$$ comes across like a sacred rapper that has been reborn, a song called “No Explanation” in which Joey and Pusha-T come across like cold-ass rappers that don’t mind calling out fugazi n***as, and a song called “Shine” in which Joey comes across like a rapper that understands the work that needs to be put in to be successful. Every single song on The Light Pack is powered by vintage-sounding hip-hop beats, sly flows, and competitive lyrics.

Joey, welcome back!


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