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Tyla Yaweh & DaBaby Link Up For “Stuntin On You”

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Tyla Yaweh & DaBaby


Tyla Yaweh is releasing hits at a rapid pace.

A couple of weeks ago, Tyla Yaweh released a song with Post Malone called “Tommy Lee” that is probably getting major burn in white people clubs worldwide. Today, the Orlando-based artist decided to release “Stuntin On You” — a song that I think will get major burn in black people clubs worldwide as earlier as this weekend.

I f**k with “Stuntin On You.” I love the basic yet catchy-ass hook that Tyla Yaweh gifts us with on the song, and I love how both Tyla and DaBaby both sound like reckless n***as that are willing to make it rain, make it shame, and make it catch COVID-19 on their respective verses.

Tyla Yaweh looks like a crazier Wiz Khalifa.

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